Get Paid B*tch


This is for you if you’re a woman in sales or a service provider who:

  • struggles to sell themselves
  • struggles with imposter syndrome
  • feels stuck and doesn’t know how to get more clients
  • feels a glass ceiling on their income

This course will help you refine your sales skills to be able to close more clients and get paid, while working on creating your new belief systems and identity to support this new change in your life. I don’t believe in changing habits – if you alter your story and your beliefs around who you are and what you deserve, your life around you will begin to change.

“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development. Because success is something you attract by the person you become” -Jim Rohn

This is a 3-month group coaching program that includes:

  • A Facebook community
  • Group coaching lessons (recorded for you to watch later) every other week
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • 3 one-one coaching sessions
  • lifetime access to the course material to keep coming back to at anytime

There are 6 modules:

  1. Honing your Vision and Motivation
    Writing out goals and defining your Why
  2. Designing your Plan Of Attack (POA)
    Creating your morning routine and your daily Money Making Activities (MMA’s)
  3. Sales Skills 101
    Learning to show up with confidence, and get people to know like and trust you using the Straight Line Method (SLM)
  4. Choosing your identity
    What beliefs, story, and attitude are you choosing? How to step into the new you.
  5. Getting back on track
    How to handle tough emotions, imposter syndrome, and losing motivation
  6. Taking massive imperfect action
    Playing full out in a fun group challenge


These are the tools I’ve used to increase our sales to a million in revenue in real estate in 2021.
These are the lessons I’ve learned in creating the strong woman I am today.
This is how I became a Paid B*tch.

Now let’s get rich, b*tch

Get Paid B*tch is a money boosting, massive action and accountability container for women in sales and service providers.




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